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Sermons from First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington Massachusetts

Aug 14, 2023

Sunday Sermon given August 13, 2023

Prayer by Bill Licea-Kane, Worship Associate

First Parish

A liberal religious community, welcoming to all

First gathered 1739


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The Mass Building Electrification Accelerator


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The remaining half supports the life and work of this Parish.

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About the Sermon: How do we respond, spiritually and politically, to the big wrongs of the world? In recent years, people have become more likely to speak/think in terms of abolition, especially but not only on the political left. What can we learn from the movement to abolish slavery about the strengths and pitfalls of abolition as a metaphor, a practical strategy, and a spiritual stance?

Lori Kenschaft has been a First Parish member since 2006. She has a doctorate in American history and deep interests in global history, social justice, and climate change. Her primary activity nowadays is volunteering with Electrify Arlington and helping people move their homes off fossil fuels.