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Sermons from First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington Massachusetts

Sep 3, 2023

Sunday Sermon given September 3, 2023

Prayer by Ruben Hopwood, Worship Associate


First Parish

A liberal religious community, welcoming to all

First gathered 1739



For the month of September, half of the offering supports the work of UU Mass Action. The mission of UU Mass Action is to organize and mobilize UUs in Massachusetts to confront oppression. Founded in 2006, UU Mass Action leaders build relationships with and center the leadership of those most affected by different forms of oppression and injustice living in our state. UU Mass Action then mobilizes among the 20,000 Unitarian Universalists in our state to engage in advocacy with the Massachusetts legislature and community organizing. UU Mass Action has working groups engaged in climate action, Indigenous Justice, immigrant justice, economic Justice, and prison reform. For more information go to The remaining half of the offering each week supports the life and work of First Parish. To give on a smart device, text “fpuu offering” to 73256 and follow the texted directions.

About the Sermon: How do we think of gods, life, death, existence, purpose? 2100 years ago Lucretius, a Roman poet, wrote an epic poem that built on the earlier teachings of Epicurus, which was rediscovered in the 15th-century. There is, perhaps, much we can contemplate on our own spiritual journeys based on this sensuous, earlier account.

David Dreyfus has been attending First Parish for about 10 years and participates in many aspects of community life here. He has chaired the finance committee, participates on property, helps in the kitchen, facilitates a men’s group, engages in discussion groups, and actively participates in Lectio Divina as part of a very active spiritual journey.