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Sermons from First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington Massachusetts

[Recording Unavailable] "Music Sunday- Song of the Open Road"

Dec 5, 2019

Due to copyright law, we are unable to post a recording of our service on November 17, 2019. Our service this day focused on music by composer Mark Miller sung by the First Parish Adult Choir. First Parish invites you to attend our next Music Sunday on March 22, 2020 at 10am in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Song of the Open Road (2008)

music by Mark Miller (b. 1967)

text by Walt Whitman (1819-1892)


Musicians featured:

First Parish Choir:

Soprano: Ali Corwin, Norma Floyd, Laurie Francis, Stephanie Fried, Jo Guthrie, Carolyn Hodges, Jennifer Kobayashi, Holly Loring, Anna McMaken-Marsh, Diane Taraz Shriver, Mary Lou Solliday, Heidi Swarts

Alto: Alice Austin, Robin Baker, Lynn Baldridge, Anna Callahan, Meg Candilore, Deborah Dill, Christina Harrison, Janice Hegeman,Lynne Levine, Sue Mapel, Julie McClure, Cheri Minton, Caryn Sandrew, Anne Wright

Tenor: Chris Floyd, Paul Howard, Peter Howell, Andrew Leonard, Sanjay Newton, Joe Terry

Bass: James Fleming, John Hodges, Andrew Kobayashi, Jason Merrill, Alan Schweitzer

Instrumental Ensemble:

Violins: Sylvia DiCrescentis & Megan Fedor

Viola: Lu YuCello: Katherine Greene

Bass: Bob Olson

Flute: Robin Baker

Oboe: Colton Cox

Clarinet: Timothy Coffey

Trumpet: Scott Daugherty

Horn: Lucy Colwell

Percussion: Curtis Piano: Kenneth Seitz