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Sermons from First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington Massachusetts

Jun 20, 2023

Prayer by Elizabeth Hunter, Worship Associate

Suzanne McLeod retired from work as an Expressive Arts Therapist in 2021 in order to paint full time. Her studio is on Mt Gilboa in Arlington, and she leads artmaking groups at Turtle Studios in Newton.

First Parish
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First gathered 1739

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About the Sermon: Suzanne McLeod shares recent paintings and thoughts from “The Inner Work of Age, Shifting from Role to Soul” by psychotherapist and writer Connie Zweig as she ponders recurring questions that can greet anyone moving to new stages in life: What is calling me now? What inner shadow-characters and fears are getting get in the way? What am I trying to avoid and ignore at this stage? How can creative work help shed light and clear the way?