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Sermons from First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington Massachusetts

Mar 28, 2022

Winter in the spring, changes all around us. The ability to be flexible kind and compassionate helps us to improve our lives. What holds us back? What frees us?

The Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley ministers to the North Universalist Chapel Society in Woodstock, VT.  He is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, raised in the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Monmouth County in Lincroft, New Jersey. He received his undergraduate degree from Tufts University and his Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from the University of Pittsburgh, where he studied the traditional drumming of Ghana and the Republic of Zaire, the Kora tradition of Senegal, the Gamelan traditions of Java and Bali in Indonesia, and the African American Blues and Jazz traditions throughout the Americas.  Recently, he has taken an interest in Bluegrass and Country Blues.

Rev. Leon asks, If the joy of life is the best within us becoming possible, how does one foster and defend the joy of life?  How do we commit ourselves to our highest hopes and aspirations?  How do we challenge the barriers, the impediments within our hearts?

He is currently writing a book entitled The Flower of Impossible Soul.  It explores the meaning of spiritual growth and radical forgiveness in the presence of violence and racial strife. 


Prayer by David Whitford